My Survival Farm Review

"My Survival Farm" Program - Learn How To Become Survival Gardener

Ever wonder what are the best plants to grow for survival?

We realize that life is unpredictable. Like you never can tell when a war or drought will hit. In the event of such, you would want an unlimited supply of organic food because again, you cannot rely on your local grocery store to be in operation during such times.

Besides, it is important to eat healthily but as we all know, organic food is quite costly. Well, you will be pleased to learn that you can cultivate your supply of food even in limited space with the My Survival Farm program.

Apparently, with the said program, you can set up an autopilot garden at a reasonable cost. We don’t know about you but this sounds like something we would want to pursue further.

If you are of the same mindset, keep it here to find out if the program is worth your time, money, and effort or not.

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Overview of My Survival Farm

Of course, growing your food ensures that you lead a healthy lifestyle but it also guarantees your food security even when things around you begin to fall apart.

Imagine what would happen to you and your loved ones if there was a drought or even a war. Food would be scarce for sure. However, this does not mean that you should starve to death.

The My Survival Farm program comes with comprehensive instructions for putting up your farm as well as how to take care of it.

You will also get other useful information such as what herbs you can use to treat common ailments and how to get rid of pests from your farm.

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How My Survival Farm Works

By now, it is clear that My Survival Farm is a blueprint for helping you get through hard times unscathed. Now, there are several similar programs in the market so what makes this one any different?

For one, it teaches you how to grow food on a small budget in limited spaces. That is not all though because you will also learn how to preserve the food you harvest for the future.

Still, inside the program, you will access information about making fertilizer and how to safeguard your farm from trespassers.

What we found most appealing however is that the farm you set up will run on autopilot. What this means is that you will never have to worry about all the work that is associated with farming such as weeding and watering. How cool is that?

What It Includes

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My Survival Farm is a digital product. Therefore, once you pay for it, you will get instant access to the information therein.

In the introductory section, you will get access to detailed instructions and steps on how to put up the farm. The best part is that you will not be required to have prior experience or knowledge doing this. The instructions are extremely easy to understand and execute.

The following section offers useful tips as far as eradicating pests and keeping them at bay for good. Keep in mind that pests are a potential threat for anyone who owns a garden.

Next, the author talks about a hotlist of perennial plants that you do not have to re-plant each year. Moreover, he lets you in on how to conceal your farm from other people since most will be in search of food during adverse times.

As if that is not enough, you will get to learn about herbs and how to use them to treat common ailments. This is particularly useful during tough times because accessing healthcare will almost be impossible.

To cap it all, you will access a video tutorial that illustrates how to put up hedges around your farm so that intruders do not get access.

About the Author | Dan F. Sullivan

Dan F. Sullivan is the name you need to associate with this guide. The man Dan is a renowned survivalist and prepper and you may have bumped into some of his works on survivalist blogs because he writes on the same.

With all the enthusiasm and accreditation, he has when it comes to survivalist prepping, we believe that Dan knows his trade and My Survival Farm is a guide you can rely on.

Does It Include Bonuses?

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Bonus#1-SHTF Water:

Your farm has to run on water. Besides, you need water for drinking. This guide teaches how to purify water and preserve it for future use.

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Bonus#2-Veggie Profits:

More often than not, you will harvest more food than you need from your garden. In this guide, you will learn how to make money out of the surplus produce instead of letting it go to waste.

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Bonus#3-Canning Authority:

This bonus guide teaches you about canning to help you prolong the shelf life of your food.

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Bonus#4-Permaculture Checklist and Action Plan:

Here, you will access useful information as far as making the most out of the sun, water, and wind for the good of your farm.

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Bonus#5-Family Survival Blueprint:

This particular guide is designed to help whoever does not have a plan in place for setting up their farm.

Pros and Cons of My Survival Farm


*You can put up a garden even if you do not have much space

*Comes with clear and illustrative instructions

*Program is portable since it can be downloaded to any smart device

*You get invaluable tips as far as keeping your garden thriving

*Immediate access to the guide once you purchase it

*You get to learn how to treat several ailments using herbs

*Garden will run on autopilot hence no tedious tasks


 (1)You will have to wait for the plants to grow as it does not happen instantly

(2)It will take effort, money, and time to see results

(3)The program is a digital product that can only be accessed online


Final Verdict

Contrary to what most people believe, gardening does not have to be tasking or costly. As you have learned from this guide, you can also set up your garden in small spaces.

My Survival Farm is an ingenious guide that will help you cultivate your supply of organic food and teach you how to preserve it for future consumption as well.

Therefore, if you are looking to eat healthier or stay prepared for hard times, we would advise you to go for the program.

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